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DONT WEAR acts as a marketplace for student designers and young artists, highlighting new creatives each month that we believe deserve an introduction to our community. We seek to provide young designers a platform to showcase their work and the public an opportunity to support up-and-coming talent. With pieces from the DW2020 show and a curated selection of designers who we believe to be the future of fashion, our e-shop dissolves the boundary between looks seen on the runway, and those in your own wardrobe.


The platform is motivated by its charitable causes that support the arts as well as workers in the garment industry through two charities, Urban Justice Center's Domestic Violence Project and Impact Arts.


Urban Justice Center is a non-profit based in New York that provides a platform for social justice advocates, organizers, and lawyers to fuel social change, while Impact Arts is a Scottish charity that works to help people and communities transform their lives through art and creativity.


15% of the proceeds from the e-shop will be included in DONT WALK’s charitable donation.